The basics

Rugby 1×1

For me Rugby is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades activity. It is a sport that trains hybrid athletic skills like ball-handling, kicking, overall strength, endurance, running, jumping, grappling, evading, reflexes, peripheral vision, strategic thinking, problem solving, mental strength and probably many more.

But maybe more importantly it is a social activity based on values like respect and enjoyment. Even if you’re not playing this sport yourself but are eager to watch it live, it doesn’t matter who you are or to which city or country you’re going, you will find yourself in a community that welcomes you with open arms.

Still Rugby is a marginlaized sport in many countries but is is growing.

In order to share my passion for Rugby, to help it grow and to provide a better understanding of it’s lawes (Rugby has laws not rules), I created this 24 page Rugby guide to help you understand the very basic Rugby Union laws of 15s and Sevens Rugby.

What is my expertise? I’ve played in the German regional league for 6 years as a loose forward and have been coaching kids and adults for 4 years.

Right now the Rugby 1×1 is only available in German but I’m working on translations.

  • A digital PDF-file for your phone or tablet for personal use and ready for download via Gumroad.
  • A printable PDF-file (DIN A6) for your Rugby club on request. Just send me an email and I send you the print file. There’s plenty of space on the back cover for your club logo and contact.